#220B , Street 360, BKK1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia [+855] 023 727 345

Stanislav Levstik


Stan graduated from the Conservatoire for Jazz and Ballet in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a major in jazz guitar.

He has a 25 year career as a musician and more than 20 years of experience in teaching music from elementary to professional level. He has taught in music schools, colleges and international schools in Slovenia and Thailand. Lucky enough to live in the most musical town in Slovenia, Stan joined the local Big Band KK with whom he toured in Europe.

Before moving to Phnom Penh he lived and worked in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stan was a member of the house band at Chiang Mai’s famous North Gate Jazz Co-Op, sharing the stage with the many great musicians living there or just passing through town. Stan has taken part in many masterclasses led by world famous musicians and musical educators such as: Heinz von Hermann- Big band, Darko Jurkovic- Jazz guitar and theory, Igor Bezget- Guitar and improvisation.

He teaches all styles from classical to jazz, music theory, history of music, solfège (music theory), ear training, improvisation, arranging music, composition, leading bands, music history. He is up to date with the latest computer music software and also teaches composition, arranging and producing EDM music.

Stan writes, composes, records and produce his own music.
Stan is also a passionate photographer and cameraman.

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