#220B , Street 360, BKK1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia [+855] 023 727 345

Kohei Sato


Having majored in Piano Performance for his undergraduate degree and in Curriculum and Instruction for Digital Learning in his graduate degree, Sato, who supports Dr. B.F. Skinner’s Programmed Learning, believes that anyone can learn to play the piano well without pain, fatigue, frustration about technical limitations, or injury.

Very often, piano instruction ends up merely being the translation of notes onto keys, and mastering playing them at the right moment without careful consideration of how the notes should be played. Though there is a way to solve technical problems, analysis is rarely done and this misleads us into thinking that long hours of practice and a strong body is all it takes to be talented. Sato would like to address it right away, at the early stage of training, so the students can reach virtuosity, and compete as soloists around the world.

His immediate goal is to establish effective teaching/learning strategies for playing, addressing both traditional elements of note reading and the movement of the playing apparatus, the fingers, the hand, and the forearm.

He is also working on MIDI for orchestral accompaniment for piano concertos to provide the students with the opportunity to study and perform such musical literature.

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