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Our Teachers

Matt Abad

Guitar & Ukulele

Mr. Matt is an enthusiastic guitar teacher with years of performing experience. He gives lessons to Simphony students of all ages, covering every aspect of […]

Jessica Chen Shih-Jie


Pianist and double bassist. Jessica obtained a Master of Music from C.N.R de Rueil-Malmaison, France, studying under Professors Richard Bertrans and Phillip Noirais. She was […]

Dina Chhan


Dina works in a range of media including painting and sculpture. Themes of life, music and everyday activities have captured her imagination over the past […]

Gerard Evans

Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

I was born in Detroit Michigan on the 10th of December 1963 . I am the 10th child of 11 children. At an early age […]

Metta Legita


Born in Indonesia, Metta began her musical journey by starting to learn the piano at the age of 16. Although she was a late starter, […]

Kohei Sato


Having majored in Piano Performance for his undergraduate degree and in Curriculum and Instruction for Digital Learning in his graduate degree, Sato, who supports Dr. […]

Antti Siitonen


Antti is originally from Finland and he started studying drums and percussion at the age of 7 and performing at the age of 12. During […]

Aldwin Ace Zapa

Guitar, Vocals, Ensemble

Ace is a professional musician, guitar and vocal coach. He is an experienced music artist and a singer/songwriter for Vicor music, Far East Broadcasting Company. […]

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