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Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is an unsung hero in music – bassists get no love, since they usually stand at the back and play a sometimes […]


Composition lessons are available to students of all ages at SSMA. If a student is genuinely interested in writing his/her own music then we are […]


In this class, students can explore rhythm in a fun and entertaining way. They’ll learn basic beats with different percussion instruments and improvisation, while playing […]

Electronic Music & Technologies

Do you want to learn how to make your own beats, record your own music? Our electronic dance music/music technology classes are versatile and can […]


For students looking to take their music skills to the next level. SSMA provides young musicians the opportunity to learn, rehearse, and perform as a […]


One of the most popular instruments that we teach at SSMA is the guitar. We offer lessons in electric guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar. […]


Students will develop their creativity, a talent which will help them in their lives on a daily basis. Learning musical improvisation begins with an overview […]

Music Theory

Students will learn the basic concepts of music theory, intervals, triads with inversions, scales, chord symbols. The student will be able to recognize and apply […]


Piano is one of the most popular instruments for children and adults. Most musicians, though experts in other instruments, know a little about the piano […]


The recorder is making a comeback in a big way! It’s not just for elementary school education but is a versatile instrument in its own […]

Spin Academy

Spin Academy is the ultimate DJ school. Our program is perfect for people of all levels looking to learn to DJ, whether they are complete […]


The main objective is to have fun with the ukulele while learning the basics of the instrument. At the end of the course, students will […]

Violin & Viola

At SSMA everyone can learn to play classical violin and viola. Have fun studying the basics of playing and reading in a friendly and supportive […]


SSMA welcomes voice students of all ages and levels. Lessons are tailored to the unique needs, abilities and interests of each student, while focusing on […]


SSMA offers flute, saxophone and clarinet lessons to students of all skill levels and ages. Our teacher has a strong performance background and can lead […]

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