#220B , Street 360, BKK1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia [+855] 023 727 345

Internet & Web Design

In the Internet course we will introduce you to best practices of internet usage and how to secure your private data online. We will teach you how to be cautious about fraud from fake shopping, banking, charity, dating, and especially the safe use of social media. You will also learn how the web and browsers work and how to protect your personal data.

In the Web Design course we will introduce you to the process of web design with WordPress, for a personal blog or a small business, we will cover which software or online systems to use and how the whole online publishing process works, from buying a domain name address and hosting account, to understanding web page designs and composing with text and images.

  • Requirement: Laptop
  • Class Format:  10 lessons. Group class
  • Minimum age:  15 years

Teacher: to be announced

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